Gai Barone – Little Bad Wolf (Afterglow)

Gai Barone without a doubt remains one of the most underrated talents in the industry today.  He’s a man who’s capable of telling stories with his sound, which has won him the support of many big guns in the scene and has united dancefloors across the world.

His latest composition comes in the form of “Little Bad Wolf” and is another deep emotional winner for Afterglow.  It’s a track of many levels.  A solid low end tech beat gets the track started. Gai Barone’s signature atmospheres, a lurking pad with a building synth and a melodic arp tells the story.

Gai Barone’s production has always impressed and with “Little Bad Wolf” it seems as if he has taken it up a notch with clarity and sound placement.

Mobilize supply the remix.  A dubby beat provides a solid straight road for the beautiful melody to ride on.  It offers balance to the overall package however it’s a bit short though.

If anything, we’d have liked to have heard more remixes for this package.  We feel a lot more could/should have been done here.  What you do get though is very beautiful and worthy of a purchase.  8/10


What do you think?


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