Interview: Noemi Black

The rising techno talent talks about her recent release on Technical Vibe

Noemi Black’s output so far as a DJ and producer have shown promising signs for the future. Her sound focusses on the heavier, darker side of techno, which she explores through her radio show / label, Technical Vibe. Her most recent release on the label is a clear example of her taste for punishing techno music, and we thought it would be worth chatting to her to find out more about what has drawn her towards this sound, and where she plans on taking it.

Hey Noemi, how was your summer?

Hey! The summer was really good. I’ve played loads of great Gigs in Germany and across Europe. I also played for the very first time in Beirut in Lebanon. Besides gigs, I was working on some new material for upcoming EPs. Summer was full of work for me.

How did you first get into electronic music, where and why?

Music has always been an important part of my life. Since my childhood, I have been involved in music projects, music schools, dance schools, etc. As I got older, my musical tastes focussed more and more on electronic music. Every time I was in a club, I discovered something new for myself. Everything was there, trance, house, electro. But the biggest mark left on me was definitely my first visit to Mayday Poland, Katowice. That definitely influenced my future – I heard Techno for the first time, and was immediately in love!

What’s the scene in South Germany like? What parties, labels, DJs, clubs are you into at the moment?

I live in a Small Town, Ravensburg. It’s located close to the Border with Austria and Switzerland. A scene like in the whole of Germany is huge. We have everything here. From tiny underground clubs to huge festivals like “Ikarus” or “Sea You Festival”.

You can find loads of talented people here who love their work. You must visit us one day to see and hear for yourself.

What first inspired you to start producing?

The Music production process has always fascinated me. For every DJ, it’s an incredible thing to have the opportunity to play their own Tracks. I have simply decided that I have to try it.

You seem to have a focus on the darker, heavier side of techno. What about this sound do you find so appealing?

Hard question. Since the beginning, I have followed the darker side of electronic music. You know, that feeling when you are in the tinny underground club with only red and blue strobe and with the huge Soundsystem, and then you hear the massive bassline with the dark groove… I can’t describe it. That’s why I’m still going in this direction.

What is the vision behind your label?

I always have the problem of finding suitable tracks for my sets. I like straight-forward techno, and nowadays it’s not so easy to find this. That’s the niche I want to fill with Technical Vibe. I also want to create a platform where the newcomer can release their music.

So far we have released three EP’s. Two of them, “Eternity” and “Innocence”, I have produced myself. The third release “Total Black” comes from the very talented debutant from Italy, Black Synth.

Tell us about your new EP Affection – what inspired or influenced it?

As I said, I love straight-forward Techno. I also try to create tracks in this philosophy. I love also the melody in techno tracks so I’ve decided to bring together those two things. That’s how “Affection” and “Realms” have been born.

What hopes and goals and targets do you have for your career?

My biggest goal is to get back to the place where my techno journey has begun at Mayday Poland, but not as a raver but as a DJ.

I hope that my work will be appreciated one day, and I’ll be able to share my passion for techno music with a bigger audience.

What have you got coming up/are you working on?

So I’m working of course on some new Tracks and maybe something I’ll release this year. I want also to get back with my video podcast because many of my fans want this. I want also to run my own parties, but they are still in the development stage.

Download the Affection EP over at Beatport


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