John Drummer – Love / Patient (Stellar Fountain)

John Drummer returns to Stellar Fountain this week for a brand new double a-side release.

John Drummer - Love / Patient (Stellar Fountain)

The Hungarian artist is making his 14th appearance on the Hungarian imprint which follows a remix of Robert R, Hardy’s ‘Beauty War’, released in January of 2016. Additional releases on Abstract Space Records, Majestic Family and Mirabilis Records rounded out a great 2016. Now showcasing his first new music of 2017 John presents ‘Love’ and ‘Patient’ to start the year.

The release begins with the gorgeous, mid-tempo piece ‘Love’, which is perhaps one of John’s most poignant creations to date. It’s delicate motifs are incredibly emotive and a sparse yet neatly tailored groove let’s them breathe wonderfully. Soft dulcet tones bring a low end billow which creamy, clustered and beautifully crafted melodies add moments of brightness too. In my opinion John does the best thing and just lets the elements work over its meditative framework, avoiding any big moments or radical transitions. When you have something beautiful like this simplicity is often the key and it is here. 

The companion piece ‘Patient’ ups the tempo into the 120 range while keeping the same general design profile. Soft, inviting kicks combined with organic percussion and rolling swells make for a great framework while playful rhythms and offset stabs add excellent swing. The melodic content is again gorgeous, very sparse and indistinct but incredibly emotive, coming in timely waves all throughout the first act. The break adds a lot here as the melodies converge for a more complete sounding storyboard while stabs and percussion drive the tension up just enough to make for a thrilling third act. Two stunning pieces from John which makes for another great release for Stellar Fountain. Highly Recommended. 


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