Just 9eorge – Renaissance (Just Movement)

The 28th release on Just Movement welcomes Just 9eorge back to the label for his debut EP.

Just 9eorge - Renaissance

The Greek artist originally appeared on the Dutch imprint with a contribution to the labels ‘Winter’ Collection released in February of this year. Just 9eorge’s musical approach to house music has made him a regular on label affiliate Movement Recordings and now we see his long awaited debut EP for Just Movement entitled ‘Renaissance’. 

The release begins the with title track and showcases Just 9eorge’s deeply emotive yet floor friendly brand of house. Backed by a wobbly groove and electric synths the Greek artist slowly begins to weave a melodic spell with processed guitars and fluttery designs. Hopeful pads lift the vibe higher before a heart warming break brings the guitar elements together for a wonderful moment. Beautifully done and an unforgettable piece of music from Just 9eorge. ‘Words With No Meaning’ goes deeper and more subversive with an underlying melancholy and dynamic beats. It’s hazy ambiance becomes irresistible while a charming transition into the main break sets up a smooth hypnotic finale perfectly.

The EP’s third selection ‘Self Inflicted Love’ shows Just 9eorge’s versatility wonderfully with wonky piano motifs and a brooding drawl. It’s combination of funk-laden grooves and musical scope is quite rare and may be one of the Greek artists most unique creations to date. A tension filled break and rush of white noise seals an amazing dance floor moment before a chilling finale takes you home. The release concludes with ‘Surrounded By Innocence’ which finds Just 9eorge crafting a very reflective piece which again showcases some gorgeous guitar elements. Anchored by a rolling, melodious bass line and soulful motifs it’s a track perhaps fitting of tying the EP all together. It’s positive, timeless vibe just makes you want to hear more from the Greek artist and rounds out one of Just Movement’s most musically inspired releases to date. Don’t miss it.


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