K.E.L & Xiasou – Don’t Say Goodbye (Stellar Fountain) featuring remixes from: Tip D’Oris, Hector Sawiak

The masterminds of the greek BFuzz Recordings, K.E.L & Xiasou returns to Stellar Fountain after a well-received remake from Smart Wave’s beauty ‘Hopes’. This time the guys show some mediterranean feeling in ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’ build upon stylish house grooves. The original mix comes in package with two strong remixes from Hector Sawiak and Tip D’Oris.’Don’t Say Goodbye’ is a emotional piece of music, powered up with extensive strings and spiced with a beautiful piano solo. Hector Sawiak brings his unique tribal progressive sound, which never fails to impress. He grabbed the main idea from the original and freshen up the atmosphere a bit. Tip D’Oris also stay true to his own business, sick, close-to-techno grooves, less melody, but bigger satisfaction on the dancefloor – this is how we can summarize his version.


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