Neel V – Kalyug (LuPS Records) featuring remixes from: CJ Art, Ewan Rill, Loquai

The 143rd release on LuPS brings a new track by Neel Visavadia. His Original track is again an deep moody progressive track with an ethnic feel. Long eerie pads, a floating bassline and driving percussion has been combined with ethnic voices and soaring melodies. This track just sneaks under your skin and starts to burn there until it fully grabs you. A peaktime hour track.

The first remix comes from Poland. CJ Art created a big steamy tribalgroove with a cool breakssection halfway the track. Besides that he kept his remix close to the original. Also this remix does the same as the original. It sneaks under your skin and messes up your brains and puts you into a hypnotic state.

The second remix comes from Ewan Rill. With already two rocksolid remixes on the label he is no stranger for LuPS. Once again Ewan proves that he belongs to the promising and well skilled producers of this era. A swinging groove which reminds of Perasma – Swing To Harmony really pushes this remix into the right direction. It makes you heading for the dancefloor and therefor this remix is a perfect track for a warm up set or an during afterparty to just chill out.

The last remix has been done by Loquai. His remix is just chugging. Konstantin created a big bumpy groove with a soaring Tech bassstab. On top he placed all the ethnic elements and voices. Halfway the track a big buzzing sounds gets introduced which gives the track a spooky and haunting atmosphere. Once again Loquai delivers a quality remix.


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