Jelly For The Babies – One Two (Balkan Connection Tech) featuring remixes from: Marc Pollen, Deas

Serbian producer Marijan Raskovic aka Jelly For The Babies makes his debut appearance for Balkan Connection Tech this week for the labels 18th overall release. Marijan has just come off a wicked remix for Lank’s ‘Weirdo’ which was just released on Balkan Connection’s primary label a couple of weeks ago. Marijan’s debut single for the Tech division of Balkan Connection is entitled ‘One Two’ and it comes with remixes from: Marc Pollen and Deas.

The ‘One Two’ original begins with some warm atmospheres and a very distinctive ‘One Two’ sample which eventually goes through a series of ear catching effects. A beefed up drum section along with some soft electronics and a warm, deeply rooted bass line form a wicked deep house groove. Poignant hits and a series of gorgeous bell sequences carry the track through to the main drop. The rainy day atmosphere lays down the perfect backdrop for such a deep and soulful tune which ends just as smoothly as it began.

The remix comes from Marc Pollen who is making his third overall appearance on Balkan Connection Tech and his 9th overall appearance on the Balkan family of labels. Marc hails from the Netherlands and his unique brand of tough melodic techno has earned him a good fan base and aside from his work on Balkan he has also appeared on Baroque and famed US house label Siesta. For his ‘One Two’ interpretation Marc has taken the deep, soulful original and transformed it into a peak time techno bomb. Driven by a big acid bass line, tough drums and wicked electronics this is one groove that means business on the dance floor. The catchy ‘One, Two’ sample from the original is also well used throughout and the additional vocal accents hit it bang on the money as well. Big remix from Marc!

The final remix on the package comes from Deas who is making his second appearance on Balkan Connection Tech with the first coming in November of 2012 with his single entitled ‘Equation’. Deas was born in Greece and for a time lived in Belgium but now calls Cracow, Poland his home. He cites Portishead, Lutzenkirchen, Dubfire and Sebastien Leger as some of his inspirations and it shows in his unique sound which is a cool blend of Tech House, Techno and Progressive House. Deas’ “One Two’ interpretation proves to be an excellent complement to the package as it comes with a cool tech house vibe that’s geared straight at the dance floor. The rolling, energetic groove is accented with a wicked set of glassy keys which sit very prominently in the mix and deliver the perfect hooks throughout. Top remix from Deas and a great package from Balkan Connection Tech.


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