David Depth feat. Angskar – Be+ (LuPS Records) Kay-D, Hector Sawiak and Agrande remixes

LuPSRec 134 brings the follow up single of David Depth feat. Angskar. Their track Be+ is slightly more towards the darker side of Prog House then there former single Light Night In The Office. Be+ contains a raw dirty gritty flavour with a druggy and haunting atmosphere. This is strobe light music for those late night hours.

The first remix comes from Hector Sawiak. This guy needs no introduction any longer. The original of Be+ is close to his style so he really wanted to do a remix of it. It turned out pretty well. Hector managed to create a chugging and devestating groove. On top he put all sort of gritty fx’s, sirens and industrial noises. Top notch remix.

The 2nd remix comes from Kay-D. After a long time of absence on LuPS Krisztian Kajdi returns with a remix like only he can create them. A big pumping groove leads the way to a gorgeous breakdown full of depth, rawness and techtrance flavours. When it all returns you are just start floating. Another top notch remix.

Last remix coems from Agrande. It is his debut on LuPS Records. His re-interpretation hits the more minal Tech House side. A deep growling bassline and all sorts of filtered percussion, voices and noises is all you need to just get lost in a steamy groove. This remix just kicks ass.


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