Khen – Thousand Mirrors EP (Proton)

Israeli producer Khen has had an amazing 2013, with some great appearances on Lowbit, Replug, 99percent, Proton, Hope, and Sudbeat (including, of course, his recently collaboration with Guy Mantzur). Proton’s latest release sees him back in action with two new tracks, ‘Thousand Mirrors’ and ‘Voices from the Past’.

‘Thousand Mirrors’ is powered by a motoring, rolling bassline, which has become something of a calling card in Khen’s work, and it features delicate warm pads and organs which evoke a similar atmosphere as Khen’s recent collaboration with Guy Mantzur, ‘Moments Becoming Endless Time’. It’s a really warm sounding record, and as with all of Khen’s productions the percussion is lovely and crisp. Melodically, though, it didn’t connect with me to nearly the same degree as ‘Voices from the Past’ – until the last minute, where there’s a surprisingly delicate chiming passage as the track winds down.

Despite featuring as the B-side here, ‘Voices…’ is easily one of the best things Khen’s done. The intro arranges smooth pads around an infectious chugging bassline before the percussion picks up. Two minutes in a sharp snare roll introduces a tighter, more focused sound to the track, with forceful stabs and additional bass squelches propelling things forward. ‘Voices…’ builds superbly, dropping into a restrained breakdown before suddenly bursting into colorful chord changes and the track’s glorious chiming melody. We’re just given a taste before the track gets back to business, but you know it’s only a matter of time before Khen unleashes the sunshine again. Sure enough, after teasing the listener for a further two minutes, the climax of the track reintroduces the melody for a final hands-in-the-air moment. Big fan of this one.

Both tracks here are really nice and well-produced, though the ideas on show in ‘Voices From the Past’ struck me as much stronger. Overall, a very nice release here from Proton. 8/10


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