Luka Sambe – Family Tree (Particles)

Following up two spectacular releases on Mesmeric, Luka Sambe returns to Particles with possibly his most compelling creation yet.

‘When I’m With Her’ is a 10 minute+ slice of euphoria, with a rolling bassline, cool vocal work, fantastically uplifting melodies that recur at key moments throughout the track, and massive key changes that complement the main melodic themes perfectly. I’ve really liked Luka Sambe’s last few tracks, but this is probably his best so far – it’s one of those records that can single-handedly lift your mood. The companion piece, ‘Ancestors’, is more laid-back and withheld, but smooth pads, a groovy bassline, and intricate interwoven melodies lines keep things ticking over very nicely. It’s not got the same emotional power as ‘When I’m With Her’, but it rounds out the release perfectly.

This is wonderful stuff from Luka Sambe – you owe it to yourself to get a copy.


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