Marc Rumour | Undiscovered Episode 02

Marc Rumour kicks off our latest Undiscovered show over on Pioneer DJ Radio today at 3pm CET and later at midnight

Hi Marc, we understand you’re based in Switzerland. What’s the local underground scene like there?

Marc Rumour: In Lucerne, I have my Homebase, the Gewerbehalle. Once a month I do my own Party there. I love this place because inside you can really smell the underground culture. No Mainstream, no glitter & glamour. Only the real passion for this music. I cannot say where are the best places to play….you can have a big party everywhere…I don’t love to big clubs, I want to feel the crowd near by me.

How would you describe your DJ style?

Marc Rumour: I love to Groove… so it can be House, Tech House or Techno

How often are you DJing?

Marc Rumour: Every weekend

Do the promoters you know take chances on local talent?

Marc Rumour: In Lucerne the promoters take care to book locals as much as they can and try to find a good mix with the big names in the line ups

How difficult is it to get promoters to take you seriously and what strategies have you used to get their attention?

Marc Rumour: I think the most difficult thing these days, it’s that there are so many deejays and so many styles. The only thing I do, it’s to be myself, producing & performing my music, & to be present in the scene with promo.

What’s the single most irritating thing about being a DJ?

Marc Rumour: The most irritating thing for me is when people say, today everyone can be a DJ. Ok – everyone can buy some CDJ’s or some software and I guess the technology is much easier as in the 90’s, so perhaps everyone can start with it. But being a DJ is not just about pushing some buttons, or using effects… it’s about understanding the crowd and knowing what they want, entertaining and creating a feeling… that’s the difference.

What is the one thing you feel needs to change in dance music right now?

Marc Rumour: To do more music, & less politics. All the people talking about EDM is commercial, or Techno is not house, or what else… let’s do music instead!!! Let’s have some fun together because that’s the right spirit. It doesn’t matter it is EDM, RMB, House, Techno & blab la bla!

What’s been your biggest achievement this year?

Marc Rumour: The Residency on KLAPHOUSE RECORDS, & the collaborations with Artists such as Freedom B, Dilby, or Chris Main.

Finally please share with us your current top 5

1. Cola – Camelphat Eldebrook
2. Rock & Roll – Dennis Cruz
3. EL Agua – Dennis Cruz
4. Fisher – Stop IT
5. Playdem – Subb-an, Enzo Siragusa, Archie Hamilton


What do you think?


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