Mario Puccio – Utopia EP (Suffused Music)

The 167th release on Suffused Music welcomes Mario Puccio back to the label for his debut EP.


The Argentinean artist first appeared on the Lithuanian imprint in February of this year with a remix of One Million Toys’s ‘Sunrise Over Ike’. Now making his second appearance Mario presents his much anticipated three track EP entitled ‘Utopia’.

The progressive music hotbed of Argentina has produced some of the genre’s most creative talents and Mario has quickly risen to the top of that list. In a 2016 which saw releases on Alola Records, Sound Avenue and Soundteller Records the Argentine received steady support from Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren. His distinct musical vision stands out and the lead piece here ‘See You Soon Utopia’ showcases that wonderfully. It finds Mario exploring voluptuous grooves and quirky melodies, where elements of chance and adventure are at a premium. It’s elastic-like foundation and strong rhythmic core sets a great dance floor sensibility but it’s the thematics of the piece which are perhaps most compelling. Syncopated lines and sax-like riffs converge for an unconventional and uniquely satisfying musical storyboard.

The EP’s second selection and also its title cut ‘Utopia’ comes in warm, funky and again with a great nose for the dance floor. It’s mountainous groove and strong tonal theme carries sizable swing while another unique melodic section captivates both your heart and mind. Soulful lines evolve with an effortless elegance as moments of brightness carry through the main break. A funky drop makes for a groovier third act while radiant atmospheres lift the piece to a tasteful finale.

The release concludes with the aptly titled ‘Goodbye Utopia’ which finds Mario dropping the tempo for a laid back yet funky close to the EP. It’s seaside vibes are undeniable, building across rippling waves of bass and clustered melodies. Tasteful chord changes highlight the apex while an earthy break brings further intrigue, leading to a reflective conclusion which rounds out the piece on a heartfelt note. Three unique and emotionally driven creations from Mario who is certainly an artist to keep a close eye on as 2017 moves forward. Highly Recommended.


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