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Martin Roth – Suite 909/Epic Waves (Sudbeat)

Sudbeat’s first release of the year sees them welcome German DJ and producer Martin Roth to the label for the first time, with two fantastic new tracks, ‘Suite 909’ and ‘Epic Waves’. Cattaneo-favourite Sahar Z provides a hefty, tribal remix of the former.

Martin Roth’s own version of ‘Suite 909’ gets going with kicks, toms and pads for the first minute, before a throbbing, deeply hypnotic bassline and crisp percussion take full effect. The track builds really well until the three minute mark, when Roth hits us with the track’s dubby, mesmerizing central hook before letting the other elements click into place underneath. As the hook drops out, the bassline morphs into an acidic squelch underneath intense rising pads. A brief breakdown grants barely any relief at all, as a darker twist on the main hook soon emerges, dominating the track’s second half, and drifting throughout the final minute or so, which should provide some great opportunities for DJs.

I found Sahar Z’s remix a bit uneven, unfortunately. It starts off really well, with great power and swing provided by the rich and superbly programmed percussion and bass work. Spacey pads start to rise up around the two minute mark, creating a fantastic atmosphere right before Sahar Z begins to tease us with bursts of the main hook from the original. Unfortunately, I felt like the track’s best moments all happened around here, leaving two-thirds of the run-time still to be filled. Don’t get me wrong; it’s still a supremely funky track. But I felt that a shorter length and different structure might have benefitted it.

‘Epic Waves’ is a slow-cooked blend of cool guitar licks, mesmerizing rippling melodies, low-key bass work, and sublime ambient sweeps. Pitching itself somewhere along the deep/progressive house spectrum, and boasting two moody, utterly gorgeous breakdowns, this is a shimmering, ghostly, emotion-laden masterpiece. It’s one of the best tracks Sudbeat have ever released, and I don’t say that lightly.

This is a great release from Martin Roth and Sudbeat, with ‘Epic Waves’ providing an absolute gem that’s had me buzzing since I first heard it. 8.5/10


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