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Micah & LaPIETRA – The Big Beach (Stripped Digital)

Stripped Digital’s latest release sees the label welcome back Canadian producer Micah, teaming up with Germany’s LaPIETRA  for the aptly named ‘The Big Beach’.

The title suggests something summery and baleric, and that’s exactly what we get from Micah and LaPIETRA’s original. Gentle bleepy motifs and lazy washes of melody find space over understated percussion and bass, before the brassy, bold central hook livens things up a bit. During the main breakdown Micah and LaPIETRA tease the listener by introducing the harmonies first, setting up a memorable moment when the hook returns in all its glory, accompanied by gorgeous pads, and this in turn set the stage for a tripped out organ/guitar-like solo. The musical ideas are really strong throughout, and ‘The Big Beach’ is very easy on the ears, but it lacks a certain bite – it’s hard not to see potential for a bigger, more floor-oriented take on the ideas on show here…

…Micah has seen this potential too, and he tries to capitalize on it on his ‘Sand to Stars’ remix. What’s more, he nails it – he absolutely nails it – turning the track into exactly the summer blockbuster you need in your life just now. It starts innocently enough, with fuzzy, shimmering synths, and gentle bleeps and kicks, but the percussion suddenly begins to stomp, the bassline begins to chug, and soon enough Micah has settled into a motoring progressive groove. Micah’s arrangement of all those excellent musical elements from the original is nothing short of inspired here, with the solo during the breakdown setting an appropriately fun and energetic finale.

Great summer fare from Stripped Digital, with Micah and LaPIETRA’s original offering a slice of a perfect soundtrack for the beach, and Micah’s remix seriously turning up the heat.


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