Michael A – Some Time (Perfect Session Records)

The 68th release on Snorkle’s Perfect Session Records welcomes Michael A to the label for his debut single.

Michael A - Some Time

The Belarus artist and Genesis Music boss is fresh off a release on Tulipa’s Petal Six collection and remains a favourite of Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J. His debut for Perfect Session is entitled ‘Some Time’ and includes remixes from Stergios and Anton Make.

Michael’s had a pretty varied sound the last year, all sitting under the progressive umbrella of course but with quite a few different stylistic approaches. On ‘Some Time’ we see Michael with a smooth, hypnotic and moderately melodic piece that carries a number of great qualities. Besides it’s chuggy groove and glacial flow it’s the methodical build that really captivates your mind and a big moment coming out of the main break doesn’t hurt either. Another classy production from Michael.

First up on the remixes Stergios makes his label debut and brings his warm, full sound with great results. With a deeper and somewhat dubbier vibe the Greek producer and Just Movement label artist has created a wonderful complement to Michael’s bigger original. Smooth tones, layered beats and a gorgeous take on the melodic elements make for an enchanting journey. Stergios definitely has a way with building dreamy atmospheres and warm textures. It leads to a subtle main break, setting up a smooth yet powerful third act perfectly. Great remix from Stergios.

The second and final interpretation comes from Anton Make who is also making his first appearance on Perfect Session. The Russian artist has certainly been more prolific of late and releases on Balkan Connection and Soundteller Records have been great. For his ‘Some Time’ interpretation Anton has gone deep and a bit more mystical sounding as well. Breaky percussion and luminous tones are the star of the show, ultimately building a great first act before that lone synth steals the main break in dramatic fashion. The drums are what I love most about it though, scattered and a bit ragged they make for a great dance floor sensibility and ultimately one of Anton’s best remixes to date perhaps. Quality stuff from the Russian artist and a great release for Perfect Session, one of their best to date in fact. Don’t miss it.


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