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Modern electronic and classical orchestral sounds in the same jar

Let’s say Barcelona-based VISE is a classically trained musician in the mood of Francesco Tristano, Vanessa Wagner, Disclosure or James Heather. He has been using his mastery of acoustic instruments to produce a very exciting modern body-moving electronic music proposal. His debut EP “Patterns Vol.1” is available now, and includes reworks by Ed is Dead, Akkan (Begun + Ocelot) and Fernando Lagreca.

The producer introduces us to an identity based on the will to explore. Singular sounds that can place the listener between desert and tropical landscapes, sometimes inspired too with the exploration of house music, mid-tempo and minimalist composers like Steve Reich or Philip Glass. An absorbing conjunction in which the unexpected becomes the new normal. The result gives the listener a chance to experience a record that collapses the distinction between the sound, expression and heritage of classical and clubbing music.

Patterns Vol.1” is the debut EP from this young Spanish talent. It’s the introduction to a project in which its identity is based on it’s will to explore. In this first iteration the foundation has been electronic and it has hold a wide variety of acoustic instruments: marimba, vibraphone, strings, woodwinds, a small female choir, latin and world percussion and drums. On the electronic side the sounds come from a few old sound modules and synthesizers from the 80s and 90s with a modern bass and some beats shaped with contemporary tools. It’s been a great exercise of experimentation to fit all those elements in a final product that goes into the easy listening territory.


1. Kalim
2. Kalim’s Reflections
3. Colors
4. Colors Reflections
5. Kalim (Ed Is Dead Remix)
6. Colors (Akkan Remix)
7. Colors (Fernando Lagreca Remix)
8. Kalim VIP

You can grab a copy of Patterns Vol.1 from HERE


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