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Nachap and Fernando Lagreca release their “Autumn Glints” EP

The last release of 2019 for Beautiful Accident comes from these two artists from Barcelona, Nachap and Fernando Lagreca. “Autumn Glints” is the title chosen for the brand new 4-track EP. A release built both for the dance-floor and for easy listening at home thanks to a beautiful journey through sonic landscapes.

As said above the pair is delivering 4 tracks that range from the 4/4 melodic techno prisoner “Autumn Glints”, to the pads and ethereal arpeggios –based on FM synthesis- of “Quite Birds”. This tune is one that you could expect to hear deep into the early hours of a Sunday morning this winter. Catchy and infectious stuff.

Let’s not skip the kinetic and cinematic “Stand and Weep (Intro)” which is based on a famous 1932 poem by Baltimore author Mary Elizabeth Frye. One where with some sadness we leave the sunny days of the summer behind and we enter in the bright autumn. The track is a sly and harmonic combination of shadowy electronic music and the blazingly catchy lyricism.

The pack by this versatile duo is completed with an electro-funk fun beast entitled “Marathon”. Classic beats, cybernetic sounds, and old school groove signature swirling in and out of the song. Bright and elegant melodies, driven by a groovy and enjoyable bassline. In short, a release that only leaves you wanting more…much more!

Nachap & Fernando Lagreca’s Autumn Glints‘ Track Listing:
1. Stand & Weep (Intro)
2. Autumn Glints
3. Marathon
4. Quiet Birds (Outro)

This EP is out now, grab it here.


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