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MUUI – Confetti in Her Hair (Lowbit)

MUUI’s Patrik Carrera returns to Lowbit after his huge ‘Dance With Strangers’ EP earlier this year, and though there’s only one track this time round, it’s a total treat. Remix duties are turned over to Bedrock/Mooseekaa leading-light Luis Junior.

The original of ‘Confetti in Her Hair’ is wonderfully deep and spacious slice of house, its rolling bassline and layered echoes lending it a nice dubby feel as it builds towards the break. Here we’re treated to one of the standout melodies of recent times, while glassy ripples create a huge sense of space. It’s a moment of complete and utter perfection, before the track uncompromisingly gets straight back to business. Excellent, excellent work from MUUI.

Luis Junior has been firmly on my go-to list ever since the fantastic ‘Colache’ on Bedrock a few years back, and ‘Athens’ was probably my favourite track of 2012. He’s also turned in a number of really powerful remixes recently, and so the expectations when he gets hold of a track like this are really high. However, his wobbly melodic techno interpretation of ‘Confetti in Her Hair’ has somewhat divided people here at RELEASE. It’s certainly true that there’s a crispness missing from the production, with the central bubbly, detuned synth line perhaps tending to dominate the track more than it should. On the other hand, the original’s melodies are much better used in my opinion, leading into a really beautiful breakdown before deceptively gentle chimes invite the track to slam back in, and providing the focal point of the remix’s climax in the second half. So overall, I really liked Luis Junior’s version too.

MUUI’s original is going to have massive crossover appeal, and I predict we’ll be hearing it for many years to come, while those who want more of *that* melody will definitely find what they’re looking for with Luis Junior’s remix. This is terrific stuff from Lowbit. 8.5/10


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