Napalm – Sonus Universi (LuPS Records) featuring: Dream, Deep In Love, Sunday, Moon Base, Time To Say Goodbye and more!

The first complete artist album on LuPS Records is a fact. No one less then Napalm delivers 9 rocksolid tracks covering the Deep Tech House genre upto the Prog Tech Trance genre and everything in between. Sonus Universi perfectly reflects the versatility of Hungarian producer Nanai Pal.

The album kicks of with Dream, a Deep Tech House track based upon a laidback groove with a catchy syntstab which reminds you of “Kosheen – Hide U”. All along the way the track develops into a swirling deep moody warming up tune.

The second track is called Deep In Love. Also this track reflects the deeper side of Napalm. A deep majestic groove is pushing this track forward. A warm and bold bassline has been combined with long delayed synthstabs, crispy flying fx’s and dreamy pads. All together this is the perfect track for a late night cardrive on the highway.

The third track is called Beat Love and contains a very danceable groove. Also this track is a perfect set starter or warming up tune with it’s warm bassline and easy rolling groove which has been combined with spacey and somehow spooky melodylines.

The fourth track on the album is called Sunday. Also in this track Napalm shows his strength in creating superb swinging grooves with a Tech House, but yet Proggy edge flavor. Just check out the pianosection in the breakdown and the whole build up towards the return of the crispy beats and you just feel the magnificent vibe and flow of this gorgeous tune.

The fifth track has been called Don’t Stop Reborn. This is a darker track with a more Tech House edge bassline and rougher beats. During the breakdown section Napalm introduces a couple of hypnotic arps and pads to create a spooky track.

The sixth track, called Moon Base just hits the right spot with it’s hypnotic groove and growling bassline. On top of this groove Napalm placed a handfull of Trancey arps and synthstabs which are doing the rest of the work for launching you into outerspace.

Track number seven on the album is called Above And Below. After already being launched into space after hearing Moon Base, the track Above And Below is the icing on the cake. A steamy killer groove shows you each corner of the galaxy. Travelling with the speed of light this track turns your head around and drowns you into pure exstacy.

Track number eight is called The Colony. Also here a majestic groove pushes you towards the dancefloor and makes you scream and beg for more. The raw synthriffs, the spaced out fx’s , the beautifull pads and eerie sounds are surely doing their work inside your brain. This is a peaktime hour bomb in disquise.

The last track of this album has been called Time To Say Goodbye and as the title already insists, this is a more cooling down track which is very suitable for those late night hours. The steady rhythmpattern and deep moody synthlines are perfectly reflecting the feelings which are showing up when you are about to say goodbye to your mosted loved ones in your live. This is such a tune which causes the goosebumps on your skin and sets the tears in your eyes. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25


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