Navid Mehr – Space Nomads (Particles)

Toronto-based producer Navid Mehr makes his debut on Particles here with the delightfully melodic ‘Space Nomads’, while LoQuai offers his own distinctive interpretation on remix duties.

Navid Mehr has already made his mark on 2015 with his fantastic collaboration with Amber Long on Sudbeat back in January. ‘Space Nomads’ is an instrumental but it works from a similar palette of sounds, with increasingly intricate, moving melodies and understated but powerful pads sweeping over warm bass tones. My favourite sequence comes right at the end, just after the final breakdown, when Navid Mehr drops the bass and lets the melodies chime out over the percussion; it’s both a lovely moment in its own right, and a gift to DJs due to the potential for introducing new basslines underneath the gorgeous melodic ideas.

Russian producer and LoQuai turns Navid Mehr’s track into a 10-minute long epic. The intro sets the mood perfectly, with pads from the original providing a soft backdrop to sprinkles of piano, before the remix drops into a heavy progressive groove. The track builds nicely to the breakdown, which echoes the intro, but this time the melodies and pianos don’t let up when the beat and bass pick up. Elegant, somber and dreamy, this is a very nice reworking of Navid Mehr’s track from LoQuai.

If you’re a fan of melodic progressive house, both versions of Navid Mehr’s track are going to appeal a lot, with his original slightly winning the day for me. Warmly recommended.


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