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Nissim Gavriel – What If… (Balkan Connection)

The latest from Balkan Connection finds the label presenting the highly anticipated debut album of Nissim Gavriel.

Nissim Gavriel - What If... (Balkan Connection)

The Israeli artist began his production career in 2010 and quickly made his mark in the electronic music underground. Releases on Stellar Fountain and System Recordings earned praise industry wide and Nissim’s unique take on progressive music flourished as a result. The Israeli artist is now set to unveil his most anticipated studio project yet, his debut album. Preceded earlier this year with a single in conjunction with Simos Tagias, the nine track sound story is sure take the listener on an emotive and deeply moving journey. In the word’s of the artist himself. “My first album was created from pure love of the music, music from my heart and soul, from a true believer in music that comes from love. It consists of electronic, deep, soul and progressive house music.”

Setting the tone for the entire album is the its opener ‘What If You Are Right And They Are All Wrong’. Cinematic in design it’s heartfelt melodies and luminous textures cast a radiant glow which flows through the core of the LP. Leading nicely into the album’s first single, the Simos Tagias co-produced ‘Disclosure’, you’re quickly brought to the dance floor with its laid back, funky and melodious motifs. A firm favourite with fans it also won the praise of Hernan Cattaneo who showcased the piece on his highly regarded Resident Podcast. Moving back to a more introspective approach is ‘Deep In The Jungle’ with its mallet-like motifs and meandering melancholia. There’s a hopeful vibe locked in this piece, resonating through its warm harmonies and dulcet tones. One to hold close to your heart and the prefect bridge to the LP’s fourth selection ‘What If Money Was No Object’. Featuring the vocals of Alan Watts it’s spoken word narrative and deep, inviting groove brings the LP one foot closer to the dance floor without losing its emotive grip. The flow of energy continues to rise with the playful ‘If Loving You Is Wrong I Don’t Want To Be Right’. Anchored by a funky, well carved groove it’s a subversive journey into metallic motifs and airy textures. The ultimate contrast perhaps and one which comes to an emotional peak with goose bump worthy chord changes.

Now past it’s half way point the journey slows a touch with ‘Ocean Of No Limits’. It’s muted beats, contemplative moods and icy melodies reach new emotional depths. Highlighted by a poignant second act and ethereal conclusion it’s another memorable piece in this thought provoking tale. With a contemporary, mystical air comes ‘Sunday Morning Orgasm’, with its angelic vocals and addictive synths. Trails of aquatic effects sit at the core while a solemn break again presents a new outlook, one of the future, where things are healthy, positive and vibrant. Drifting into darker territory we have the album’s second to last track ‘What If You Break My Heart’. Charged electronics take things up a notch while a rumbling low end brings further fire. It’s strong cadence and ominous wails lead the hypnotic narrative, building to a feverous pitch during a stellar finale. The album concludes with the appropriately titled ‘What If God Was An Alien’. The warm, mid-tempo groover is powered by textural drifts and clustered melodies, which spiral deep into your subconscious. All great journey’s come to an end and this one does with a reflective moment, where long lasting memories are created. A superb debut album from Nissim. Don’t miss it.


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