Paride Manzi – Show Me Your Love EP (Suffused Music)

The latest release on Suffused Music welcomes Paride Manzi back to the label for his debut EP.

Paride Manzi - Show Me Your Love EP (Suffused Music)

The Italian born Switzerland based artist has previously appeared on the Lithuanian imprint under his Claque Choc alias where he also owns releases on Asymmetric Recordings and Futura Groove Records. Here we see him under his more active namesake of Paride Manzi with a brand new EP entitled ‘Show Me Your Love’.

The EP’s title and lead piece finds Paride showcasing his distinctive tech house sound. Fat beats, clustered claps and growling synths get the track underway before bulging bass stabs ignite the low end. With a timeless flair a robotic ‘Show Me Your Love’ vocal sample then drops in, eventually leading to the main break. Here a wonky motif develops as a rising tonal theme ups the tension for a magical return of the groove and killer third act finale.

The companion piece ‘Why Follow Me’ comes in a bit darker and just as groovy. Strong bass stabs coupled with fresh drum fills make for an ominous intro before another distinctive vocal stab gets introduced. Plonky keys just add to the wonderful cadence before hypnotic motifs fade into the mix and initiate the main break. Fading to a near silence as flickering synths die off in the distance, Paride ups the tension nicely before the beats drop for that final drive and magic moment. Two immaculately produced cuts from Paride and another release that shows Suffused Music thinking outside the box once again. Don’t miss it.


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