Paul Martinez and Fiddler – Somebody’s Face (Balkan Connection) featuring remixes from: Tvardovsky, Jelly For The Babies, Stas Drive, Rezo and Nas Norizon

The 206th release on Balkan Connection is out this week and they’ve got a great collaboration from two Hungarian producers. Paul Martinez and Tibor Hegedüs aka Fiddler both hail from a town called Gyor and have appeared on a wide array of quality progressive house labels from Mistique Music, Bermudos, Deepsessions, Green Snake and KP Recordings. They’re new single for Balkan Connection is entitled ‘Somebody’s Face’ and it comes with a huge selection of remixes from: Tvardovsky, Jelly For The Babies, Stas Drive, Rezo and Nas Norizon.

The ‘Somebody’s Face’ original gets underway with some big bass tones, cool vocal samples and some nice atmospheres. As the track builds the drums get beefed up nicely and the enchanting atmosphere continues to rise. The main drop presents a gorgeous full vocal that has been processed wonderfully with an array of cool effects. The track then flows with silky smooth undertones and some additional electronic hooks which enhance the groove nicely. The vocal elements reappear throughout and add a heavenly vibe at the tracks climax.

Ukranian producer and Stereo Paradise headman Tvardovsky makes his debut on Balkan Connection and supplies the first remix. Tvardovsky has continued to be one of the cooler more in demand producers in the new landscape of progressive house and melodic techno. He finished off 2012 with a string of great releases on Sound Avenue, 99percentrecordings and DAR Digital. For his ‘Somebody’s Face’ interpretation Tvardovsky has delivered a laid back modern techno mix that really stands out on this package. Filled with smooth lines,  lush textures and gorgeous bells this one goes down as one of Tvardovsky’s most stunning remixes to date.

Next up is Serbian producer Marijan Raskovic aka Jelly For The Babies who just delivered a smashing remix of Lank’s ‘Weirdo’ which was released on Balkan Connection just before Christmas.  For his ‘Somebody’s Face’ interpretation Jelly For The Babies has really showcased the vocal amazingly well. Rooted with a more spacious and club friendly groove the  vocals sound dramatically more expansive and enchanting. The breakdown focuses on a wispy soundscape which the vocals flow through perfectly and when those big bass stabs come back in along with the groove you can be assured of a great dance floor reaction.

The next remix comes from Stas Drive, the Ukrainian producer has had a string of incredible productions on DAR Digital, OLD SQL and Balkan Connection to finish off 2012. Stas has gotten 2013 off to a great start as well with a superb rework of ‘Somebody’s Face’ here. Stas Drive has delivered a great complement to the softer more laid back interpretations here with a bigger sounding progressive house mix. A massive rumbling groove sits at the foundation while big spacey synths and soaring atmospheres surround it to create an amazing wall of melodic sound. Stas has also incorporated the vocals really well and they sound fabulous against the his sonic backdrop.

Israeli producer Rezo makes his debut on Balkan Connection here and provides the fourth remix on the package. Rezo’s discography is short but he’s had some great work in 2012 with 3 appearances on Ivan Nikusev’s OLD SQL Recordings and also Arctic Night’s Elliptical Sun. Rezo’s ‘Electronica Discoteka’ remix of Somebody’s Face’ proves to be a great complement to the package as well as it’s a cool break beat rework that packs some serious punch. Big bass stabs and tough beats make up the powerful groove while the angelic vocals and bright melodies dominate the top for what results is an all round great composition from Rezo.

Closing the package out is Greek producer Nas Horizon who is making his first ever appearance on Balkan Connection. Nas has continued to build on his impressive discography over 2012 with releases on OLD SQL, Mistique and Round Triangle. Nas Norizon’s ‘Somebody’s Face’ interpretation rounds the package out nicely with a funky, housey rework that’s filled with lovely melodic accents and ethereal atmospherics.  This also turns out to be the dubbiest mix on the package as the vocals are ultimately just used in the main break along with some snips here and there.  The hint of melancholia adds a cool moody vibe to Nas’ version as well which makes it one of the more unique creations on the release. Huge package from Balkan Connection with great work turned in by all!


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