Reflection Soul – Aurora Borealis (Stereo Paradise) featuring: Aurora Borealis, Nova, Octane

The 17th release on Tvardovsky’s Stereo Paradise is out this week and it features one of the hottest new producers in the melodic techno sound. Robert Besmaternykh aka Reflection Soul hails from Russia and is making his debut on Stereo Paradise here after some solid outings on Mistique, Balkan Connection and Stripped Digital. ‘Aurora Borealis’ is the title of Reflection Soul’s new EP and it comes with three brand new original productions.

The title cut leads the EP off with a laid back but marching style techno groove that’s surrounded by a wealth of trippy electronics and subtle atmospheres. Pleasant melodies and rolling hypnotic lines weave their way in out of the piece over the course of its 10 minute journey. A dynamic moment comes when a waning set of chords appears during a short drop which pushes the emotions just a notch higher for an exhilarating climax. The second cut ‘Nova’ comes with a similar vibe but perhaps a touch softer as the smoothly textured atmospheres encompass the piece a bit more. The tough beats still make it a more than worthy dance floor piece and the hypnotic elements here are really spectacular. The EP is closed out with ‘Octane’ which begins with some meandering melodies and a tough, driving techno groove. As the track builds a gorgeous set of waning chords and melancholic key changes tantalize the senses before a tension filled break blows things wide open which should be murder on an educated dance floor. This goes down as our favourite release on Stereo Paradise to date and Reflection Soul is definitely someone to watch as 2013 progresses. If you’re a fan of the Traum sound and emotionally sophisticated electronic music in general then this is something that should be absolutely essential in your collection. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25


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