Platunoff – Deep Voices (Balkan Connection)

The latest release on Balkan Connection welcomes Platunoff back to the label for a brand new single.

Platunoff - Deep Voices

The Russian artist made his debut on the Serbian imprint in January of this year with his ‘My Religion’ single and has since appeared on Clinique Recordings, Inmost Records and Spring Tube. Here he presents his second single for Balkan Connection alongside remixes from Silinder, Nick Koplan & Ian Meyer and Nik Nazarov.

Platunoff’s dreamy sound always brings great emotion and ‘Deep Voices’ is no different. Beginning with airy atmospheres and a growling underbelly it methodically builds into a great progressive production. The second act stands out the most, once all the atmosphere gets washed away the rhythmic qualities really shine and your dance floor should see a nice bump in energy before a blissful conclusion takes you home. Wonderful stuff from Platunoff.

The three remixes on the release are led by the always excellent Silinder who takes the track into groovier more dance floor minded territory. The warm fluid energy of the original has been transformed into a chunkier, deeper and dubbier sensibility. There’s a wonderful swing happening here and the rhythmic elements in conjunction with one lone acid stab is quite deadly. The break brings some lovely vocal elements, with wispy gates and trailing wails creating an ethereal haze that precedes a pretty epic final stretch. Wonderful remix from Silinder. 

Nick Koplan & Ian Meyer also turn in a very floor friendly mix with a bassy underbelly and strong tonal themes. Bell clusters add a profoundly hypnotic effect over a strong first act before the main break builds subtle tension with sheets of noise, eventually giving way to the beats and gorgeous mallet motifs. Strong ideas from Nick and Ian and very well produced.

The release concludes with Nik Nazarov making his label debut following a string of quality outings on BQ Recordings, Electronic Tree and Stellar Fountain. Nik takes a clean and serene approach on his ‘Deep Voices’ interpretation with a subtle acid hooks and buoyant drums giving a great energy to the piece. It’s smooth rhythmic build is definitely it’s strong suit, avoiding any overly big moments and keeping all those wonderful hypnotic qualities burning. A great way to close out another quality release on Balkan Connection with Silinder’s take being my fave of the bunch. Don’t miss it. 


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