Quivver Announces First Compilation In Eight Years

With Quivver’s career taking off in to the stratosphere we caught up with the legendary producer to find out the reason behind all the changes.

Hey John, things seem to be going really good for you at the moment

Quivver: Yeah – the last year has been great. There’s been some really positive stuff happening. The Refracted gigs with Sasha were an amazing. It’s one of the best live projects I’ve ever been involved with and it was great touring with geniuses like Charlie May, Barry Jamieson, Dennis White & Dave Gardner, not to mention all the other vocalist, string players and percussionists. There was so much talent involved in the whole show and it’s a big credit to Sasha for pulling off such a massive production. Was like being in a proper band for a few days.

DJ wise, what would you say you’re favourite gig has been recently?

Quivver: Rainbow Serpent Festival in Melbourne was one of the best gigs I’ve played in a long time. Even after an insanely hot weekend people there still had the energy to go absolutely nuts.

Dancing Astronaut premiered your latest track ‘Tunnel Vision’ and described you as a “merciless machine”. How does it feel to be getting ‘on the radar’ of bigger press like this? 

Merciless machine!? Ha – that’s one of the cooler descriptions I’ve read. It feels good to be getting noticed more… Tunnel Vision is one of my secret weapons that has been doing some serious damage…

The Controlled Substance releases are for fans, so they’re often not promo’d or released without notice, to give everybody a fair chance of getting them at same time. I decided to go with a premiere for this one because it’s one of my best releases for a long time, so I wanted to spread the word…

A lot of people see you as a progressive artist but I noticed a lot of your Controlled Substance releases are very techno focused 

I’ve always played what I like and never been that hung up on ‘genres’. And whilst my music always carries a progressive edge, I actually play more techno than people realise these days.

I’ve also noticed there’s some really good music creeping in to progressive charts on Beatport, which is very encouraging to see. So I wouldn’t be surprised if more labels started putting their music in there instead of ‘Deep House’ soon. I’m definitely happy to support the genre with my releases.

What tracks are you working on at the moment

Quivver: I’m working on a collab with Cristoph which is coming out as part of Selador’s 5th Birthday which sounding rather large. I’m also working on the 4th Controlled Substance release, which is my favourite so far. It’s a really hypnotic track with a proper head nodding groove and a cool spoken word vocal. Can’t wait to get this one out.

I’ve also got a track coming out on Bedrock and another one Stil Vor Talent which is another one of my favourite labels.

Then there’s a vocal release coming up on Armada Electronic Elements called A Higher State. It’s more deeper and melodic than some of the darker, more groove based stuff I’ve been putting out lately. It’s been a while since I did a vocal track and i’m really happy with the vocals on this one. That’s going to drop in April.

You mentioned in a previous interview you’ve never been that comfortable with social media but seems as though you’ve turned this around

Quivver: Laughs… yeah I’ve been making more of an effort with social media lately and it seems like I’ve developed a really strong following over the past year or so. I feel like the fans are with me more than ever and that’s really spurring me on to keep doing what I’m doing. I’ve even noticed the reaction at gigs seems stronger recently.

Anything else you want to share?

Quivver: I’m going to be doing a compilation album which will be my first for a long time. I did an album called Controlled Substance about 8 years ago and before that ‘Transport 5’ in 2001, so I’m really looking forward to putting this together. I did the Balance Mix back in January and really enjoyed choosing tracks for it, so I guess that gave me the idea to do another album. I want to make it more than just a DJ mix so I’m gonna do a lot of additional production and there’ll be new tracks of mine on there too, so it’ll be something between an artist album and a Dj mix. I’m still looking for tracks at the moment, so people can send me their music to and I’ll get back to them.


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