Navar Shares His Favourite Cuts

Through releasing material on Guy J’s Lost and Found Records and Canadian behemoth microCastle, Navar established himself as one of the most beloved artists in melodic house. Now beginning the year with an EP on Cid Inc’s Replug Records, Navar checks in to give us his current Top 10 faves, including some of his upcoming releases.

Marino Canal – The Endless Fall [Lost & Found]

Once I heard this it guided the feels onto a thin line, you could fall… but instead it shows you the road up when it continues to play into a more brave and optimistic side of the story. A great story.

Alex O’Rion – Murawi [Sudbeat]

Listening to this or playing this gives the ultimate drive of groove with this low end bass that gives the perfect element that’s needed for the sets as I see one track not just as a complete part of the set. But with it being such an effective piece of art, this one track can make your night right where it needs to be.

Robert Babicz – Balance [Babiczstyle]

When this came in the promo box from the lovely guy Robert. I remember myself sitting in the studio going completely loose with energy! Loved the drive what my ears needed at that time to step into such a different and fresh arrangement, it felt like a RESET knob for the mind. So definitely the title fits piece of art.

Izzet – Shadows & Dust [Particles]

Mostly music cannot be described into feelings, for everyone it’s another story, but feeling wise the same. But when you feel the tracks that was such an important bridge however you work in the mind to get things or perceive it. It is an honor to share with you what I feel and how I approach the music. ‘Izzet’ this track has been an immediate favorite for me, or it carry’s along the story line you want to go in to. It’s a great track for opening, that are most important to give the night where it needs to be taken to. Loving that long cruising bass, and this little piano touches that brings you comfort.

Budakid – Memories [Lost & Found]

Once again Lost & Found brought again an unique piece of art under its wings, Loving the originality that Budakid created on this one. With such a unique autograph!

SpeakOf & Santini – Melodrama (Navar Remix) [Strange Town Recordings]

One I’ve been working on lately comes out very soon on this Canadian imprint. It was a mission for me to make the original as heard from another hook. A different side of it that I love to create.

 Navar – You Find [Replug] incl. Dmitry Molosh Remix

When I made ‘You Find’ I was finishing a story that I held a long time with me, finally I wrote about it. It was all so clear that I knew where I wanted to go to. I’m very happy and honored I can share this with you!

Dmitry Molosh touched the track and shaped it as a remix right where it needed to be, sometimes you can change a track completely, Dmitry pushed the other side from the soul out that I wrote in it. Super amazing to be working with this good friend. Lovely to see how his wide spectrum took this record to another level!

Navar – Moonstruck (Replug]

Moonstruck is about the mystic connection we have with our moon! Also has a personal meaning 2 best friends of mine left to Australia and we told each other whenever u look at the moon I think of you, so one day the moon returned behind a big black cover of clouds and when kept believing what I wanted to see it shown itself between a heart shape that clouds formed this way, It sounds very cheesy, but when you can hook your creativity to something you believe in. It becomes fundamental to the story you want to write/paint.

Dmitry Molosh – Lonely Heart (Navar Remix) [The Soundgarden]

After the release on Replug I’m all over excited for this one to come out on Nick Warren’s label  ‘The Soundgarden’ , next to other remixes Ive been working on. This one has a special story that was connected very close to Dmitry Molosh and his original. When you feel the track has to do with yours, it can take you to levels where you didn’t thought of at first.

Navar – Exposeur (Sudbeat)

Exposeur is about the way the expression.. that has its power in nature understanding and belief.

‘You Find’ is out now on Replug Records, you can purchase the release: here


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