Soluna – Sunset In Udaipur Remixes (Clubsonica Records)

The 30th release on Clubsonica Records finds the label showcasing new remixes of Soluna’s ‘Sunset In Udaipur’.

Originally released in November of 2016 it found the Colombian artist crafting one of the defining productions of his career. It’s cross-cultural motifs and multi-textural storyboard proved irresistible and also earned the praise of Armin Van Buuren and Sasha. Now as 2017 begins to take shape Clubsonica invites Frangellico, Marboc and Jonnas B to reinterpret the track. 

It’s been a unique journey through the landscape of electronic music for Frangellico. Dating back to his early releases in 2006 the Argentinean artist has been shaping his unique progressive sound for over a decade now. A sparse release schedule has made his work all the more sought after and the backing of Hernan Cattaneo certainly doesn’t hurt either. Now making his much anticipated Clubsonica Records debut the Argentine puts his own unique twist on ‘Sunset in Udaipur’. Aptly coined ‘Trippy’ Mix Frangellico crafts a near ten minute journey into exotic percussion, psychedelic soundscapes and electric designs. Following an intense first act the main break brings further drama with trails of decay evolving into a mesmerizing vocal loop, reigniting the groove for one of the tracks many magic moments.

The second interpretation of ‘Sunset in Udaipur’ is provided by Marboc who is making his second appearance on the label. The Polish artist made his Clubsonica debut in September of last year with an amazing remix of ‘The Night Owl’ by Symmetry Obs. Now following a strong start to 2017 Marboc continues that great momentum with a stunning interpretation of ‘Sunset In Udaipur’. Beginning with a deep, chugging groove the Polish artist works in meditative rhythms and intense stabs to great effect. As the storyboard evolves trippy vocals trail through the framework, initiating a short but hugely effective break. Acting as an energy bridge, the tracks centrepiece adds tension before shifting focus back to the tough groove and dark motifs for an intense finale.

The final interpretation of ‘Sunset in Udaipur’ is provided by Jonnas B who is returning to the label for his third appearance. The Colombian artist last appeared on Clubsonica with an incredible remix of Michael A’s ‘Analog’ which was released in January of this year. Now delivering perhaps the most inspired work of his career Jonnas puts his own mystical spin on ‘Sunset in Udaipur’. Backed by thick slabs of bass and buzzing atmospheres the piece flows through tribal influenced percussion and cross-cultural vocals. Rich in texture, the main break proves to be dynamic, as charming melodies take centrestage before washing away into darkness, as the kick drops and a wave of hopeful themes carry you home. A brilliant interpretation from Jonnas which rounds out a sensational remix edition for Clubsonica Records. Highly Recommended.


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