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Quivver – Takin’ Over EP (Bedrock)

Veteran producer Quivver returns to Bedrock for a fantastic three-track EP, which is sure to be a firm part of this year’s soundtrack.

‘Takin’ Over’ is classy and summery, with crisp percussion, melodic stabs, multiple interwoven basslines, and a light vocal, while the chiming lead manages to gently evoke James Holden’s classic ‘Nothing’, and acidic squelches inject further energy.

‘Lose Your Way’ is initially closer to the sound I’ve come to expect from Quivver recently, namely swaggering techno filled to the brim with attitude, but a careful listen reveals that there’s a lot more to the track that that. The bottom end sways relentlessly, while drifting vocals and a surprisingly emotive, dubby hook flit in and out of the track.

Last up, ‘Time Go By’ delivers a low-slung groove, but it gradually builds into another soulful, sunny vocal number, with warm pads, piano, strings, and chords creating just the right mood for the looped vocals. Raw, buzzing bass tones, bleepy hooks and ravey stabs add a bit of an edge, but they do so without dislodging the track’s melodic core. In terms of mood and sounds, this reminded me of a much earlier Quivver track, the wonderful ‘These are the Days’ – this is destined to have the same longevity.

Quivver has been one of my favourite producers for my entire adult life and beyond. Throughout that period, he’s refused to be limited by what he’s done in the past, and so he’s constantly evolved and innovated. I haven’t always liked the results, but this EP ranks as some of Quivver’s best material of recent years. Highly recommended.


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