Rafa’EL – Lightning Breath (Soundteller Records)

Deersky’s Soundteller Records returns this week with a brand new single from Rafa’EL.

Rafa'EL - Lightning Breath (Soundteller Records)

The Polish artist is making his third appearance on the label after a string of successful collaborations with fellow Northern Lights Music boss K Nass to close out 2016. Now for his first solo production of the new year Rafa’EL presents the much anticipated ‘Lightning Breath’ alongside remixes from Analog Jungs, Hot TuneiK and Nicolas Rada.

Rafa’EL’s progressive minded productions always bring something special and ‘Lightning Breath’ is no different. This is distinctly modern for the genre with a nicely sculpted groove, neatly tailored percussion and several cool motifs. The atmospheric scope of the piece is quite large with a blissful backdrop running through some of the first act. The shifts in mood are what really grabs you though, from dark and ominous, to emotive and uplifting it’s what a top progressive house track should be and the transitions are super smooth as well. Brilliant stuff from Rafa’EL.

Long noted for his meticulous remixer selection, Soundteller boss Deersky has come up with a great cast here with Argentinean duo Analog Jungs leading the way. The smooth moody qualities from the original get well conveyed here, particularly in the low end, which the mesmerising lines complement wonderfully. A strong rhythmic core and nice drums give it a great dance floor sensibility and while it might not be as emotive as the original it does have some amazing mystical qualities, especially during the main break making it a great complement to the original.

One of the names of the moment, Mexico’s Hot TuneiK is next and he makes his return to the label following a remix of MiraculuM’s ‘Undelivered’ from September of last year. The Hookah Records boss has become a constant in the sets of Hernan Cattaneo over recently and his star is still rising. His ‘Lightning Breath’ interpretation is a prime example of what he does best, not really one for big moments or theatrics, Hot keeps the groove chugging and the dramatic tension at a constant throughout. That approach coupled with excellent production quality is what’s made him such an in demand name in the underground. Great remix once again here.

The release concludes with Soundteller label artist Nicolas Rada returning to the label for his fifth appearance. The Argentinean artist last appeared on the Polish imprint with his ‘Balanced’ EP from September of last year. A regular not only in Beatport’s Progressive House charts but also the charts of world class DJ Hernan Cattaneo, Nicolas delivers a great interpretation of ‘Lightning Breath’ to close the release out. This is pure progressive house at its absolute best and it’s no wonder Nicolas’ music does so well in the Beatport charts as this is very club friendly. The groove is funky, energetic and loaded with great shape while the drum work and electronics add mightily to it’s rhythmic core. A vocal loop proves incredibly hypnotic and the variation on it is really nice, eventually getting layered with a companion during the peak of the third act. The beauty of it as well is there’s really no break aside from a very short transitional section so it’s perfect midset material. Excellent remix from Nicolas and a really strong release from Deersky’s Soundteller Records once again. Highly Recommended.


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