Rauschhaus – Theory of Everything Remixes (Rhetorical Music)

The latest release on Simon Doty’s Rhetorical Music finds the label revisiting Rauschhaus’ ‘Theory of Everything’ EP for a brand new set of remixes. Originally released in May of last year the 3 track offering showcased the German artist at his most creative. Effortlessly melding elements of electronica, techno and progressive house into three soulful creations that satisfied both the mind and feet. Now to kick off 2017 Rhetorical invites El Mundo, Zein and label boss Simon Doty to reinvent the tracks for the new year.

The first interpretation is provided by El Mundo who is making his first appearance on Rhetorical Music. The German artist has found a home on Get Physical and Underyourskin Records where his deep, soulful take on electronica has flourished. He got the year off to a great start with a gorgeous remix of Heartbeat’s ‘Killer’ and continues that great momentum here with a stellar interpretation of ‘The Resurrection of Ourselves’. For as delicate and beautiful as the original was this comes off even more poignant. It’s spacious framework allows the organic percussion, rich synths and vocal effects to work their magic, as subterranean swells flow through a series of emotive chord changes for the icing on the cake. A gorgeous interpretation from El Mundo.

The second interpretation on the release finds Rhetorical label artist Zein returning for his second appearance. Although quite early in his career the Egyptian producer has already made huge strides with a very well received debut on the label and two collaborative pieces with Simon Doty released courtesy of Einmusika. There’s not much question that the most poignant piece on Rauschhaus’ EP was the closer ‘Falling Into You’. It’s elastic-like motifs hit just the right emotional chord and unbelievably Zein has managed to bring more magic to it. Soulful strums, broken beat patterns and a hazy resonance create an amazing sonic environment. The main themes do come into play of course, but in a more indistinct and well conveyed manner. The last break and third act are absolutely magical and if you’re looking for a new record to close your sets with you’d be hard pressed to find something better than this. A brilliant remix from someone you’re going to be hearing a lot about in the future.

The third and final interpretation is provided by Rhetorical label boss Simon Doty. 2016 marked a year of change for the Canadian artist, ultimately beginning with his Rhetorical debut ‘Harmony In Chaos’ released in December of 2015. A radically revamped style brought much praise from the techno and progressive house community’s, which just grew with each successive release as the year unfolded. Three projects for Rhetorical along with an EP for Einmusika and two carefully selected remixes for Re:Sound Music and Cenote Records completed the incredible 12 month stretch. Now getting 2017 underway in style, Simon delivers an excellent interpretation of ‘The Resurrection of Ourselves’ to close the release out. Aptly coined ‘Sights on Saturn’ Simon takes the track into more spacey, tripped out and decidedly techno inspired territory. Anchored by a meaty, well carved groove, the track flows with an air of unpredictability, as metallic motifs and acidic rhythms carry it into a wonderfully warped, yet deeply emotive break. A superb remix from Simon which rounds out an on the money release from Rhetorical Music to kick off their 2017 journey. Highly Recommended.


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