Dousk: What’s In Your Box

From releases on John Digweed’s Bedrock Records to travelling the world showcasing his borderless approach to DJing, Dousk has firmly etched his place in electronic music history. Here we catch up with the Greek artist who shares his current Top 10 faves hot on the heels of a new EP for Movement Recordings.

Joe Fisher, Max Italo – NGC 5189

Strange and seemingly random chords refresh the ear, great for breaking monotony.

Paul Ursin – Antiskating

This one captures that futuristic hi tech vibe perfectly.

Eitan Reiter – Midnight Glide

Pure dance music, very easy to communicate across and without having to go all out. Handy crossover as well.

Andres Blows, Daniel Nike – Orion (Jose Ponce Remix)

Another great crossover if you enjoy playing multiple styles like me!This one will easily carry you over between prog/tech/techno.

Okabi – Timeless

I usually like my tech house simple and chunky and groovy with a hint of atmosphere, just like this Okabi tune.

Dousk – Life Is A Carnival

Sometimes you have to go weird. Preferably during daytime in front of lots of people.

Carlos Mendoza, Elias R – Try No More

Deep-in-the-night tune. Play it at the right time and the combination of atmospheric house vocals and big ass beat will turn to ear-nectar.

Li-Polymer – Mysticism (Jamie Stevens Remix)

Festival nirvana, sounds deep and awesome. It’s an outdoor party favorite.

Chrono, CN – Crazy Cat

This one explores the what-if merge of progressive house with traditional progressive rock. It doesn’t overdo it and that’s what keeps it great.

Sonic Future, Fancy Inc – Hazy Verses

Another great crossover between tech house and prog house. One pad, one vocal, one lead melody. The chunky drums help with lesser soundsystems

Dousk has new music out now on Movement Recordings, you can purchase the release: here


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