Metodi Hristov Joins Producers Calling Out Mihalis Safras

Metodi Hristov is a highly respected figure in the techno scene and is regarded as a trusted name by many

Hi Metodi, we saw your post on Facebook yesterday. You have joined nine others who have called out Mihalis Safras in the samplegate scandal. Can you explain what prompted you to come forward? (find out all the news here

Metodi Hristov: I got this message from one of the biggest names in the industry explaining that Milhalis had allegedly ripped off one of my tracks. I don’t want to mention who it was but here’s what they wrote.

“hey guys

‘Ida’ by Mihalis Safras on Truesoul uses samples from Metodi’s track ‘Basis’ (the complete drumsample at the beginning, (just a bit filtered) and from Pele and Shawnecy’s ‘Infamous’ (the sirens are pitched down).”

So were you referring to this incident when you posted a message of support for Tennan (read interview) on Facebook saying “Absolutely the same situation with me 1 year ago! Do not support fake people!”.

Metodi Hristov: Yes. Immediately after I received the message, I opened Mihalis’ Soundcloud and heard his unreleased track that was coming out on Truesoul… I was stunned because he had filtered my beat and put it in his track.

I contacted Mihalis who told me he hadn’t of course. He tried to convince me that he made it on his own; but I know my own beats so I was confident 😀 He told me, he would remove the beats and did. But if they were really his, why would he even change them or not send proof?

I had release scheduled on his label ‘Material’, so I told him I’ll keep this track for my label and decided not to say anything about it.

Were there any other incidents? 

Metodi Hristov: Unfortunately that was not the only bad experience I had with Mihalis. He invited me to DJ at his ‘Material’ showcase at ADE 2016. I was due to play from 2 am but when I got to the club, he told me that he’d changed my slot to 5am, because of some issues with the club. This wasn’t a problem for me of course, so I went back to the hotel with my friends.

When I returned and tried to enter the club, the security guys told me it was closed and there was no one left inside!

How did you leave the situation with Mihalis? Did you make an agreement not to talk?

Metodi Hristov: I didn’t make an agreement. I just told him, that one day everyone will know the truth about him…

So with the other people now coming forward, what do you think should happen?

I think people need to consider how serious all these claims really are and have to decide what is right or wrong. Maybe if they watch the youtube video “Safras Greatest Steals”, it will make their decision easier.

If this is all true, then it’s creates a new low for the dance music industry and we also seriously need to consider if we should be holding such people in high regard.

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