Mihalis Safras Recieving Death Threats On Social Media

Following consultations with Mihalis Safras’s management, we have taken a decision to remove our ‘samplegate’ posts on Facebook.

We have received evidence of some people sending Mihalis Safras death threats. This is wholly unacceptable and its also a crime that Mihalis Safras can choose to report if he wishes.

Nobody should be told to “die” for sampling someone’s music. This is about music and business. It should never be personal and it should never involve the threat of someone’s life.

There should be absolutely no place for ‘hate‘ or ‘bullying’ in our community like this. Its completely against the values of a scene that we all love so much.

Mihalis Safras has made a public statement taking ownership of what he has done and admitted wrong doing. Even though his statement wasn’t great and perhaps not what people wanted to read, Milhalis Safras has suffered immensely and through his own admissions has been completely disgraced.

The truth is now out there, so producers need to learn what they can from these revelations and move on.

That’s why we believe this story is now over and believe the excessive hatred towards Mihalis Safras must stop. We kindly ask that you tell others that too.

Our interviews with Tennan, German Brigante and Metodi Hristov will remain online. Our goal was to bring you fair and unbiased coverage of a large scale industry incident, that was unreported in the press, yet captured the hearts and minds of so many people in dance music.

C-U is a platform that’s committed to supporting new talent and confronting inequality in dance music. We will never shy away from future cases that require our involvement and will always tackle them diligently but also sensitively.

We do not advocate the calling out of artists and boosting posts to create social media witch hunts. We believe artists should take every reasonable step to deal with these matters behind the scenes so that a compromise can made. And where these negotiations have not taken place then we will not lend our support.

In Tennan’s case we believe these discussions were already held, so we gave him our support and justice has now been served. Tennan assured us that once Safras admitted and apologised for his actions, he would take his post down. We now expect this to happen.


What do you think?

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