German Brigante Joins Call In Mihalis Safras Samplegate Scandal

German Brigante is the most high profile name yet to come forward in the samplegate scandal.

Can you explain what lead you to make this interview today?  

German Brigante: Yes, I just wanted to show Tennan some support. I went through the same thing as him four years ago.

What exactly happened and what are you allegedly accusing Mihalis Safras of doing?

German Brigante: It´s a long history but here it comes…

When I started releasing music, Material was one of my first labels. Every time that I released a track on his label, Mihalis always asked me for the stems. When I asked him what for he told me Beatport needed them. I was naive at that time and just wanted to release music so I made the mistake of trusting him.

After some time, I found a track named “Mihalis Safras And Siwell – Get More” released on Sphera Records. I realised that was one of the tracks I sent him previously and he just changed the main hat.

When I contact Siwell telling him that the track was mine, he didn’t know anything and he apologised via Skype. Mihalis sent him the track telling him it was his.

The track was out 3 months. After I talked to Siwell he removed it from sale but it’s still available on Siwell’s Soundcloud page.

So are you saying the statement published by Sphera Records on November 1st was basically a cover up to try and help Mihalis? 

German Brigante: Yes although I don’t blame Siwell. You can see the proof above anyway.

So do you believe he intentionally tried to mislead people in to believing your track was his?

German Brigante: There is no way what happened to me was unintentional. This happening many times now proves that there is absolutely no doubt. I have seen recently that he won the award of Ibiza best producer which doesn’t make any sense. Someone in his position should never do something like this to young talents.

Do you know of any others he has done this to previously?

German Brigante: Well there have been many revealed over these last days and today I saw that Metodi Hristov (update: read interview here) has also been through the same. This is why after four years I have also talked.

What do you want to happen

German Brigante: I just want that young producers don’t make the same mistake I made and be very careful when you’re sending stems to labels.  With Ableton it very easy to incorporate your sounds in to any project. Try and chose a reputable label.

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