Marc DePulse’s ‘Kontrollverlust’ Achieves Its Aim

Marc DePulse: “I don´t specify my music. I simply play and produce what I love.”

Many artists roll out this type of cliché whenever asked about their style, but invariably their catalogue is merely a variation of a tried and tested formula.

This is not so with Marc DePulse. With a career spanning over a decade, Marc DePulse has notched up over 150 releases on some of the world’s leading labels. Here Marc DePulse returns to Einmusika with his sophomore album.

My expectation leading in was I’d be hearing a lot of dancefloor dark tech-house, as this was the style of music I’d come to love from him over the years. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the diversity on this album.

marc depulse

That sound is still there, expertly executed on tracks like ‘Kontrollverlust – ft Xenia Beliayeva’ and ‘Hats Off’. These are the sort of late-night gems that DJ’s love; full of heady atmospheric soundscapes and throbbing bass.

Yet, it is through tracks like ‘Radio Star’ where he displays a deft touch, weaving subtle melodies and intricate drum patterns together similar to that of Max Cooper.

The standout track of the release happens to be the last, and, most surprising. “Prince Charming”. A stunning progressive breaks track that works perfectly for those early evening warm up sets. The beat is wound nice and tight. The crisp snap of the snare and hats, against the rumbling bassline, is a stunning way to round out the album, as listeners are treated to a light melody that’s later introduced…

There’s a lot to love here. There are plenty of dancefloor gems, yet the whole album is intricate and complex enough that it can also be enjoyed the comfort of your own home. ‘Kontrollverlust’ as the name suggests experiments with the concept of losing control. I’d say Marc DePulse’s ‘Kontrollverlust’ achieves its goal and then some.

Dave Juric’s verdict 4 / 5

Kontrollverlust is out November 20th – click here to preorder the album


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