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Riva Starr Shares His Top Tips For New Artists

Riva Starr is the label owner of Snatch! Records, and a headline DJ at many of the world’s best events.

Riva Starr needs little introduction as one of the globes most successful DJs, producers and label owners. Because of his high standing within the world of electronic music, we asked him to share the secrets of his success, and give his top tips for up and coming DJ/producers looking to break into the music industry?

Riva Starr: My best advice has been, and will always be… stay original to your true passion. Every time I find myself trapped in the “gotta get my next track in the chart” vibe, or even tempted to follow a bandwagon to ease my life working on a new track, I’ve ended up being more sad and frustrated in the studio. You don’t really want this to become a 9-5 “job”, as you will lose all your creativity doing that. Dig deep into your preferred sound of choice, explore new solutions… raise the bar with an unexpected twist. “Don’t follow the rules, make them” my teacher always tell me at school. This can apply to every field, but we are talking about music here. So yes, get your ass in the studio, and have a focused determination, until eventually, the result start flowing.

Riva Starr’s ‘Feel It’ EP is out now via Snatch! Records, buy HERE 


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