Robert R. Hardy – Dark Explorations Remix Edition (Superordinate Music)

The 53rd release on Superordinate Music finds the label revisiting Robert R. Hardy’s ‘Dark Explorations’ EP for new remixes.

Robert R. Hardy - Dark Explorations Remix Edition (Superordinate Music)

Originally released in November of last year the project went on to be one of the label’s best selling releases while one of the selections ‘Deytar’ also yielded new remixes from Dmitry Molosh, Ilya Gerus and Mariano Montori. Now almost a year to the date from its initial release we see Superordinate calling upon qoob and Matteo Monero to update the track for 2016-17.

Qoob have very quiet this year, we last heard from them in July with an excellent remix of ‘Never Ever’ by Esthetique feat. Dima which was released courtesy Pro-B-Tech Records. Now as the year is rounding to a close they return with an excellent rendition of ‘Balance’. The funk and groove of Robert’s original is well maintained and with a gorgeous atmospheric backdrop to boot. It’s a shimmering haze that leads to more distinctive motifs, ultimately making for a gorgeous first act of luminous melodies and effervescent effects. Following a serene break some low end decay brings an intense beginning to the third act and should also light up a dance floor pretty brightly as well. Massive remix from qoob.

The second and final interpretation finds Matteo Monero reworking ‘Soufian’. The Italian artist is making his second appearance on the UK imprint following his contribution to the label’s ‘Battle 2’ mini EP series just last month. Here he takes ‘Souifan’ into dark and groovy territory with great results. Aside from a full, charged low end the vocal storyboard is what really carries the track. It’s quite mystical and there’s just enough atmosphere along with hints of emotion throughout that it makes for a sensational mix. A short and well timed break doesn’t hurt either and sets up a pretty serious drop where the groove really springs to life. Huge remix from Matteo.

Also included on the package is the previously released Dmitry Molosh remix of ‘Deytar’, which is sensational so if you missed it the first time around here’s your chance to grab it. Great release once again from Superordinate Music. Don’t miss it.


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