Robert R. Hardy – Light Therapy Remixed (Soundteller Records)

The latest release on Deersky’s Soundteller Records finds the label showcasing brand new remixes of Robert R. Hardy’s ‘Light Therapy’.

Robert R. Hardy - Light Therapy Remixed

Originally released as part of the Hungarian artists ‘Therapy EP’ in August of 2015, the deep and dreamy wonder currently sits in the label’s top 3 best selling tracks at the moment. Now we see Soundteller inviting Anton Make, Danny Lloyd, Li-Polymer and Subandrio to reinvent the track for 2016.

The first interpretation of ‘Light Therapy’ finds Anton Make making his Soundteller debut and taking the track in a progressive minded direction. The Russian artist’s warm production hallmarks have always been his strong suit and his remix here is once again a gorgeous journey into dreamy textures and mountains of rolling bass. Very ethereal in nature, the tracks soft overlays and pulsating rhythms carry it nicely into the break, where Anton wisely keeps things low key and quickly transitions back into the groove, It sets up a third act of sparkling motifs and swirling melodies, which continue to evolve and lead the piece to a gorgeous finale. Wonderful remix form Anton.

Next up Danny Lloyd returns to Soundteller for his fourth appearance and goes deep and driving. The Italian artist certainly has a knack for crafting smooth, effortless grooves and this one just has an endless hypnotic flow about it. Waves of percussion add nicely to the momentous swing while a variety of indistinct motifs, from airy vocals to subtle melodic themes carry the track into the break. Here cascading keys cut through the air before getting washed away in favour of the lead elements, which in turn build some lovely tension. One final vocal loop adds just the right amount of spice before a rush of white noise brings the groove back for a wicked finale. Lovely remix from Danny.

The third interpretation of ‘Light Therapy’ finds Li-Polymer making his seventh appearance on the label. The Portuguese producer goes even deeper with a chunkier groove and a more spacious framework. An effects heavy storyboard and some smooth rhythmic elements make for a monumentality tripped out journey, which a set of offset bass tones adds perfectly to. A short break washes away the atmospheric drift and the strength of the groove really shines moving forward. This should see a great dance floor response and leads to all the elements reconvening for a beautiful third act. Amazing as always from Li-Polymer.

Closing the release out is Subandrio who is making his debut on the label. The Sri Lankan artist famed for his releases on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music and Cid Inc’s Replug Records delivers another monster production here. Always one for carving out a wicked, elastic like groove, Subandrio has out done himself here with a bevy of huge bass hooks amidst the dreamy motifs. The main break brings a moment of calm with muted kicks and wispy textures providing a serene prelude to an exhilarating build and big drop, fuelled by kaleidoscopic melodies and waves of white noise. A huge remix from Subandrio which finishes the release off nicely. Soundteller Records certainly selected an impressive cast to remix one of the label’s strongest tracks and it’s turned out beautifully. Highly Recommended.


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