Shiloh – Landmine Hopscotch EP (Suffused Music)

The 121st release on Suffused Music finds the label showcasing the first of their ‘Edition’ series remix packages.

Shiloh - Landmine Hopscotch EP [Suffused Music]

The first installment in the series features long time industry favourites Shiloh. The Canadian duo is part of progressive house royalty and both new and old fans of the genre look back on their discography quite fondly. Since beginning their career in 2003 Shiloh have appeared on Audio Therapy, Baroque Records, Global Underground and Hope Recordings. One of their most poignant creations over the years has undoubtedly been ‘Landmine Hopscotch’. Released in 2009 courtesy of Proton Music the up-tempo progressive piece contained a bevy of Shiloh’s trademarks hooks and blissful melodies. The original release also included the Hernan Cattaneo supported Cid Inc. interpretation and the track later went on to receive three additional remixes from Soundprank, Micah and Bastards of Funk and Sonic Union. Now over six years later Suffused Music has the distinct honour of resurrecting the classic with new interpretations from Kobb and Spacebeat.

The first interpretation of ‘Landmine Hopscotch’ is provided by Kobb who is making his second appearance on Suffused Music. Kobi Yitzhaki aka Kobb is a 31 year old Israeli producer who’s big break in electronic music came when he was announced as one of the finalists in Heineken’s Thirst competition. Kobb earned a slot alongside John Digweed at the final 5000 person event and since then has been focused on developing his own unique production style. Kobb’s initial studio creations (in 2010) for Plattenbank and Asymmetric Recordings were hugely impressive and some of his more recent work for Dopamine Music and E Sound Records has been equally inspiring. His much anticipated ‘Landmine Hopscotch’ interpretation might be his best and most sought after production yet; with its funky, melodic nature and buoyant beats leading the charge. Clever edits and some unique design make for a sensational first act before the piece breaks down revealing that classic lead melody from the original (albeit in a much more indistinct manner). The moments of bliss are merely teased as a rush of beats and drums bring those firing electronics and romping groove back for a sensational conclusion. Huge remix from Kobb and one you’ll be hearing a lot over the first quarter of 2016.

The second and final interpretation of Landmine Hopscotch’ is provided by Spacebeat who is making his sixth appearance on Suffused Music. The Russian artist has had several stand out productions this with original and remix work for 238 West and Stellar Fountain being just a few of the highlights. Aptly coined ‘Electric Calm’ Spacebeat has gone deep and dubby for his ‘Landmine Hopscotch’ interpretation. The Russian’s smooth grooves and hypnotic rhythms are a delight for the senses and provide a wonderful late night vibe. It’s a radical departure from the original and thus a great complement to the previous two versions here. It’s bubbly textures and cascading tones are a match made in harmonic heaven, providing a smooth yet exhilarating finale. A top notch re-issue from Suffused Music with more to look forward to as 2016 moves forward. Don’t miss it.


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