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Robert R. Hardy – Too Much Story EP (Stellar Fountain)

Stellar Fountain returns this week with a brand new EP from label artist Robert R. Hardy.

Robert R. Hardy - Too Much Story EP (Stellar Fountain)

The Hungarian producer although quite prolific remix wise has seen the majority of his original material come courtesy of the Hungarian imprint and Deersky’s Soundteller Records. Here we see him making his 17th appearance on Stellar Fountain with a brand new four track EP entitled ‘Too Much Story’. 

There’s a wealth of interesting material here with the predominant theme being very deep and groovy framework’s for dance floor. The first cut ‘Nativus’ sets the tone nicely with some smooth tonal layering and a funky groove. Spacey effects keep the feeling light and airy while the meaty foundation works it’s rolling magic. It’s a great way to open release as it’s effortless flair is quite appealing, and it leads nicely to the title and showcase piece ‘Too Much Story’. This one comes with a little bit more mystery and intrigue with some perfectly carved bass tones and a mystical atmosphere at the outset. There’s a definite sense of something coming, perfectly setting up the introduction of the vocals. There’s a lot of soul locked in those words and Robert lets them breathe as they should with just the thumping groove carrying the piece. Vocals in general are a tricky thing and male vocals perhaps more so but these really won me over. Such a great vibe and overall one of Robert’s best ever tracks I think.

The release continues with ‘The Good Old Feeling’ which finds Robert crafting a lighter-hearted affair. Anchored by a classic deep groove it’s the playful melodies which make this one so sweet. Aptly titled as well as it’s sparkling musicality definitely conjures up a timeless or old school feeling that seems perfect for a summer terrace or seaside event. The break expands on the melodic narrative just a touch with harmonic clusters and warm bass swells lifting the vibe higher. A wonderful summer style piece from Robert. The release concludes with ‘Die Too Behind’ which would be the EP’s most hypnotic and also reflective piece. Driven by a chunky groove it’s the atmospheric qualities and vocal gates which really speak here. There’s a contemplative mood, and the vocals carry this trippy resonance which is quite beautiful. A great one to round out the EP which, as a whole sits as some of Robert’s strongest work ever, especially ‘Too Much Story’. Don’t miss it. 


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