Rogier – Collide (Just Movement)

The latest release on Just Movement welcomes Rogier back to the label for a brand new single.

Rogier - Collide (Just Movement)

The Dutch artist has been a driving force behind the labels success since its inception. Rogier’s smooth, progressive sound has become loved in the underground and he now returns to his home label once again with a new single alongside remixes from Adnan Jakubovic, Fobboz and Soulkeys .

The release begins with original mix which finds Rogier delving into the deep, melodic realms of progressive house. Anchored by a tough kick and driving groove the track has a boundless energy early. Indistinct vocals and rugged synth lines soon fill the air while a cluster of hits adds a distinctive flair. Hypnotic melodies then lead the track into the main break as trippy soundscapes becomes the focal point. It’s gaseous blend of textures is wonderful and a smooth yet exhilarating build brings the groove back with an electric flair and on to a massive finale. Gorgeous work once again from Rogier.

The first interpretation of ‘Collide’ is provided by Adnan Jakubovic who is making his debut on the label. Hailing from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Adnan has been a prominent figure in the progressive house underground since 2011. Appearances on Balkan Connection, DAR Digital and Electronic Tree have highlighted his discography while an increasingly busy gig schedule has made him one of his country’s most recognizable progressive DJs. Now making his debut on Just Movement, Adnan steps up and delivers one of his career best productions with a gorgeous rework of ‘Collide’. The driving progressive nature of the original is well maintained but clever beat layering and fresh designs have elevated it into an altogether different beast. The main break may be the tracks most intense moment, beginning unassumingly with a cavernous atmosphere it builds to colossal proportions and delivers what is sure to be a magic moment on the dance floor.

The second interpretation of ‘Collide’ is provided by Fobboz who is also making his first appearance on Just Movement. Hailing from Argentina, Cristian Becerra aka Fobboz although quite early in his production career has enjoyed success with appearances on Nicholas van Orton’s BCSA and Entangled imprints. His interpretation of ‘Collide’ marks his first ever remix project and he’s done a wonderful job, taking the track into more melodic territory. The smooth rhythmic flow of Rogier’s original is well maintained while great use of the vocal elements adds a more ethereal vibe. The melodies soar following the break and play off the vocal elements perfectly for many emotive moments which results in a superb complement to Rogier’s already excellent original. Gorgeous remix from Fobboz.

The third and final interpretation of ‘Collide’ is provided by Soulkeys who are also making their first appearance on Just Movement. Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Francis Di Rosa and Juan Cruz Dangelo make up the Soulkeys production duo. After getting their career started in late 2013 on BCSA, Soulkeys have gone on to appear and several top underground imprints, including Electronic Tree, PHW Elements and Stellar Fountain. Now making their much anticipated debut on Just Movement the duo provide an exceptional interpretation of ‘Collide’. A deeper and dubbier sensibility makes it a great addition to the project and it closes the release out on a strong note. Trippy keys and pulsating grooves make for a gorgeous first act before rising synths and an epic break send shivers down your spine. An emotive conclusion to say the least and perhaps the best of Soulkeys career. it rounds out another exceptional offering from Just Movement who continue to impress as we move forward into the second half of 2016.


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