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Sasha is a name that needs no introduction. We give his eagerly awaited Out of time link up with Poliça on Kompakt the once over.

I was eagerly awaiting Sasha’s new release and when it landed in my inbox, I have to admit being like a kid in a sweetshop and playing it almost instantly! As soon as I listened, I was surprised to hear Sasha going back to his roots on Out of Time. Whilst it’s not winning any prizes for originality, it’s a delightful record that takes me back to the good old progressive days in the early 2000’s. Poliça’s vocals (singer Channy Leaneagh) are just sublime and in parts, soothe like a lullaby and this is an absolute dream team link up as far as i’m concerned. Ok, so enough waffle – just play it already!

Patrice Baumel delivers an even happier sounding rework of the original.  I wouldn’t say it’s for me because I like my music edgier, but it’s a good remix, which i’m sure will have it’s place with the right DJs.

They’ve also included an instrumental mix in the package for good measure and we also noticed they’ve added a radio edit on Beatport, which is really good idea, as this record has the potential to go far beyond the disposable dance music scene of today.

Our final verdict: This amazing return to form from Sasha, who’s finally returned to the sound that made him a star. Out of Time is amazing house record that will unite dancefloors across the world and is proof that we need to rediscover our roots again! Welcome back Sasha! Passé has become the new chic. 9.5/10



  • Mark Betteridge

    Mark Betteridge is C-U's owner and founder. C-U was formed to support up and coming artists in the underground and promote genres that were being ignored by the dance music media.