Serge Landar – Comeback (Majestic Family Records)

Majestic Family Records returns this week welcoming Serge Landar back to the label for a brand new single.

Serge Landar - Comeback (Majestic Family Records)

The Russian artist first appeared on Russian imprint in April of last year with his ‘Dreamland’ EP. Subsequent appearances on Aethereal and Electronic Tree rounded out a great 2016 and Serge continues his great momentum with a new single alongside remixes from Partenaire and Psychowsky.

Although only two years into his production career Serge has developed a unique melodic style. It’s been evident of late with his recent remix of Bob The Groove being a prime example. On ‘Comeback’ we get the best of the Russian artist once again with deep grooves, soulful strums and poignant pianos taking centre stage. It’s a collage of gorgeous motifs all working together in perfect harmony and with the backing of a smooth, rolling foundation it’s still ideal for the dance floor. Lovely work from Serge.

The first interpretation of ‘Comeback’ is provided by Partenaire who is making his first appearance on the label. The Argentinean artist is without a doubt one of the most talented up and coming producers. His EPs on Deersky’s Soundteller Records and Madloch’s 3rd Avenue along with a key remixes for PHW Elements have all been a progressive lover’s dream. His interpretation of ‘Comeback’ is no different with a very pure progressive vibe sitting at the core. The tempo shifts up just a touch while a funkier, acid-like groove sits nicely at the foundation. Like much of Partenaire’s previous work it’s the myriad of effects and how they all work together which is most appealing though. A lovely sonic collage from an artist to keep a close eye on this year.

The second and final interpretation is provided by Psychowsky who is making his first appearance on Majestic Family Records. It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard something new from the Greek artist. His last release dates back to April of 2016 when his ‘Santonilyo’ single was showcased on Ivan Nikusev’s OLD SQL Recordings. This will certainly be a welcome return for his long standing fans and he’s turned in a great interpretation of ‘Comeback’ to close the release out. By slowing the tempo and reworking the foundation you get a deep, chunky version which still showcases the main themes nicely. A highly dramatic break splits up the action perfectly and foreshadows a trippy finale act. Great remix from Psychowsky and another top notch offering from Majestic Family Records. Don’t miss it.


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