Sergei Spatz – Polina (ICONYC)

The latest release on ICONYC (formerly 238W Inc.) finds Sergei Spatz returning to the label for a brand new single.

Sergei Spatz - Polina (ICONYC)

The Russian artist last appeared on the US imprint with a contribution to the label’s ‘Contemporary Elements | Amsterdam’ collection which was released in October of 2015. Now we see Sergei returning for his first single entitled ‘Polina’ alongside remixes from Lucefora and Robert R. Hardy.

Sergei has been busy this year, not only appearing on label affiliate Hydrogen but also fresh imprints like Superordinate and Absurd State. His love for all things progressive and techno shines though once again on ‘Polina’. Beginning with airy pads the piece carries a hazy resonance early before quirky stabs and waves of percussion add a wonderful hypnotic flow. It’s slow building nature is definitely appealing, and the clustered claps are a nice touch, giving the track some electric moments during its perpetual state of atmospheric bliss. Beautiful work from Sergei.

The first interpretation of ‘Polina’ is provided by Lucefora who is making his eighth appearance on the label. The Argentinean artist has been one of his country’s best up and coming progressive house talents since his debut on BQ Recordings just over two years ago. He’s since added nicely to his discography with appearances on 3rd Avenue and PHW Elements. He’s clearly found a home on ICONYC and that relationship continues to flourish with another stellar production here. With a deeper, funkier and somewhat of an electronic pop sound Lucefora has complemented the original quite nicely. The cross-cultural vocal works well to transition the piece into its more epic second act with a storyboard of effects and a variety of melodic clusters. Gorgeous interpretation from Lucefora who has developed a very unique sound. Can’t wait to hear more.

The release concludes with label artist Robert R. Hardy returning for his fourth appearance. The ever prolific Hungarian has another busy week ahead with a four track EP due out on Stellar Fountain and he’s also adopted a third alias (in addition to D.M.P). He’s writing music at a near record rate and his interpretation of ‘Polina’ closes the release out with a deep, progressive minded approach. There are a lot of layers to this one as sheets of icy pads and drifting atmospheres converge for several magic moments while Robert’s trademark drummy grooves keep your feet locked to the dance floor. The drums are probably what’s most appealing here, quite distinctive, beefy and a touch tribal all at once, they work perfectly with Robert’s chunky groove and probably open the track up for more than just progressive DJs as a result. A stellar mix from Robert and an appropriate end to another great release on ICONYC (formerly 238W Inc.) Don’t miss it.


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