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Sonderzug – Transformation (Soulkraft)

Soulkraft returns this week with a brand new EP from label boss Sonderzug.

Sonderzug - Transformation (Soulkraft)

Although only on release number three the Austrian imprint has built a reputation for cutting edge progressive house. With both of the first two releases cracking the Beatport top five as well as yielding must hear tracks for the week of their release the label has made a bold statement. Looking to close the year out strong Sonderzug now unleashes two more gems as part of his ‘Transformation’ EP.

One of the first things you note when you hear a Sonderzug record is the pristine production quality and modern design. A lot of times those types of tracks get the emotion sucked out of them but ‘Transformation’ manages to accomplish both with relative ease. From its bulging bass tones, ethereal vocals and drifting, below the surface motifs it’s winner for both the mind and feet.

‘Shapeless’ comes in even more poignant with bright tones and melancholic moods leading the charge. The sparseness of its groove also makes for a very modern feel while a perfectly crafted second act hits just the right emotional chord. It amounts to a varied EP with two stylistically different but very complementary cuts. Having already been nominated as one of the 50 best progressive house producers of the year, 2017 certainly looks bright for Sonderzug and Soulkraft.


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