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Sport: Santé Gives Us A Beginners Guide To Surfing

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Santé, an accomplished electronic music artist with an international DJ career, with releases on labels such as Hot Creations, Saved Records and his own imprint AVOTRE.

When not making waves in music, Santé is something of a beach boy, and can often be found catching waves on his surfboard.

We caught up with Santé to discover more about his surfing passion, and found out his top tips for budding surfers looking to dive into the sport…

Santé Surfing

Santé: Over the past few years, surfing has become one of my favourite past-times. I recently moved from my native Berlin to Portugal, and now live right next to one of the world’s most famous surf spots in Peniche, so going out and riding the waves has become a daily routine for me. These are my tips for getting started…

Firstly, having a good instructor is essential if you want to learn how to surf. Take your time! It may take a week or so to get introduced to surfing and to learn the basics, but after a few weeks of practice (or some time spent at a good surf camp) you’ll start to perfect the form. 

Make sure you have full control over your board and are capable of riding the green waves before trying to switch over to a shorter board. Even though shorter boards may look easier, they’re not so give yourself time to adapt to the feeling of being on a board before you change over.  

When you are more experienced and start to surf on your own, it is really important to do a spot-check of the beaches that you intend to surf, so you can find the safest way in and out of the surf. I also highly recommend surfing on beaches where they have lifeguards. Even if you are very experienced it is still a good idea to practice some take offs on land before going in the water, to warm you up and practice your form. 

Remember to respect the local surf culture and nature and enjoy the waves!

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