Stas Drive – Kite On A Pure Heaven (Superordinate Music)

The 17th release on Superordinate Music welcomes Stas Drive to the label for his debut EP.

Stas Drive - Kite On A Pure Heaven

The Ukrainian artist is fresh off his Beatport #1 release ‘Intergalactic Summer’ on Movement Recordings and also calls Spaghetti Monster and Hope Recordings home. Here we see UK imprint Superordinate presenting what is perhaps Stas Drive’s most anticipated release of the year, ‘Kite On A Pure Heaven’ which includes two brand new originals alongside remixes from Roger Martinez, Kasall & Cristian R and Silinder. 

The Stas Drive sound has changed a lot in the last year, something more psychedelic and distinctively modern seems to be coming out of the Ukrainian’s studio with each passing production. With ‘Kite On A Pure Heaven’ we get more tripped out, groovy and atmospheric brilliance. Anchored by a set of funky bass tones it chuggs along nicely as indistinct vocals, tribalistic drums and sweeping effects steal the air. The main break serves to not only build tension but offer a brief moment of serenity before a wave of beats and warm bassy swells captures your imagination once more. A third act of new found motifs guides the ethereal journey, along with the lead hooks all while continuing on a perfect dance floor romp. 

The two remixes of the lead cut also take Stas’ brilliant ideas and design somewhere fresh and exciting. First up Roger Martinez puts a decidedly techier stamp on the track with his most pristine production hallmarks. More subversive from the outset, the Dutch producer builds on subtle rhythms and psychedelic designs, which are sure to captivate even the most astute sonic aficionados. I mean the sound design is literally out of this world, it’s a joy to listen to over and over again simply because of how interesting and unique it continues to be. That aside, the sonic storyboard is also backed by one hell of an infectious groove; driving, subterranean and wickedly carved no doubt, and all round deadly from start to finish. Marvellous music from Roger once again. 

The second and final interpretation finds Kasall and Cristian R making their label debut and also going a bit deeper and more ambiguous. The Argentinean duo have definitely become known for their big progressive minded productions but there’s a bit more intrigue with this one, as it focuses on several indistinct motifs throughout. The reprocessed vocals add an air of anxiety and thus tension while a lead tonal theme develops. For all its dark undertones there’s a glimmer of hope emanating from the main break, making for an emotive centrepiece prior to an equally engaging and more dialled in conclusion. 

The second original on the project ‘Passage Of Time’ finds Stas Drive going a touch more progressive with amazing results. This one definitely conjures up memories of Bedrock’s take on ‘The Bagio Track’ by Luzon with its electric energy and infectious groove. Warm overlays, cymbal rides and a trail of effects makes for a huge first act before things get taken further into atmospheric never-land during the main break. A peaceful calm comes over the composition as the groove slowly decays and twinkly electronics take centre stage, ultimately setting up a third act full of wondrous effects and warm atmospheric swells.

The lone interpretation of ‘Passage Of Time’ is provided by Silinder who is making his label debut here. A long time favouite of the progressive underground, the Irish producer has an extensive discography which includes releases on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music and Cid Inc’s Replug Records. For his ‘Passage Of Time’ interpretation Silinder has chopped the rhythmic elements and added his own brand of sonic funk with fuzzy stabs and waves of undulating bass. A long, tactful break builds masterful tension with a clustered storyboard and meditation rise, before a quick drop reignites the groove for an electric conclusion. A massive way to end the release off, which is one that certainly sits as not only Superordinate’s best but also one of this year’s overall best as well. Looking forward to seeing what this rising UK imprint does next. Highly Recommended.


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