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Steve Parry – Flippant (Bedrock)

Selador/SMP3’s Steve Parry makes his debut on the ever excellent Bedrock with a slice of thundering acidic techno, ‘Flippant’.

2015 has been a very good year for 303 lovers, between David Grahna’s stunning remix of Tommi Oskari, Barry Jamieson’s 303 dub of his beautiful track ‘Below the Sky’, Tilt’s recent ‘Berghain’, Tim Engelhardt’s wonderful ‘Isa’, Biologik’s cinematic ‘Infinite’, and a whole new label for Robert Babicz’s Rob Acid alterego to treat as his sandbox. Even in such an action-packed year, Steve Parry’s ‘Flippant’ is an event. The track wastes no time, with a DJ-friendly opening soon giving way to the main course: a rich, pulsing acid line that runs throughout the remainder of the record but leaves you wanting more. The track Steve Parry builds around this centrepiece very much takes its cues from a classic acid house sound, with a long-but-not-too-long breakdown, gentle pads that add atmosphere and splashes of melody without stealing the focus from the 303, pulse-raising snare rolls, and wicked percussion. This is a total show-stopper.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll no doubt say it again; the 303 is our electric guitar, and we should never let anyone convince us that it sounds passé. In the right hands, it’s still just the most thrilling sound. On ‘Flippant’, Steve Parry shows us that he understands this, and that his are hands that we can trust. This is awesome, in every sense of the word.


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