Subandrio & Nishan Lee – The Basement EP (Juicebox Music)

Subandrio and Nishan Lee return to Juicebox Music this week for their first collaborative EP entitled ‘The Basement’.

Subandrio & Nishan Lee - The Basement EP (Juicebox Music)

The Sri Lanka based duo have worked together in the past with a fitting remix of Tommi Oskari’s ‘Sri Lanka’. Released courtesy Juicebox Music as part of the label’s ‘Untold Stories Volume II’ collection it was the beginning of a new collaborative project between the two. Both have been making waves with their solo productions as well with Subandrio boasting appearances on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music and Cid Inc’s Replug Records. Meanwhile Nishan, although early in his production career with just a handful of releases to his credit has already delivered an EP for Michael A’s Genesis Music. The synergy the two had on their Tommi Oskari remix proved quite strong and from that was born many more studio sessions eventually resulting in the three track offering ‘The Basement’.

Both noted for a soulful, progressive minded sound Subandrio and Nishan have delivered magic here once again, beginning with ‘Sustain’ which sets a great mood with it’s deep, funky groove and bell motifs. Warm pads drift in varying degrees bringing warmth and emotive qualities, particularly during the main break where the bells also shine just a bit brighter. There’s something quite effortless about this and it’s not what I expected at all stylistically so it’s a surprise and a welcome one at that. A gorgeous beginning to the EP.

‘Dynamic Ocean’ meanwhile comes in even more enchanting and perhaps a touch deeper as well. A DJ friendly intro sets the stage nicely before clustered bells pierce the air just as the bass line drops. The piece builds methodically with soaring yet tasteful lines while the break ups the emotional content a touch with more than a few blissful moments. There’s an elegance and charm to both this and ‘Sustain’ which are gorgeous and it just sounds like they come from a very genuine place and that’s ultimately where the strength of the tracks lie I think.

The release concludes with ‘The Basement’ which brings the energy and tempo up a touch, getting into darker motifs and progressive minded rhythms. That said compared to some of Subandrio and Nishan’s solo material it’s still quite reserved. Long synth swells and mesmerising rhythms make for a great intro before plucky motifs and a wealth of spacey effects tantalise the senses. A strong lead theme plays nicely into the break while the hypnotic energy continues to sizzle making for a great conclusion to the EP. Three stunning creations and stylistically very mature. A strong EP from Subandrio, Nishan and Juicebox Music. Highly recommended.


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